Macy's celebrates Fashion's Night Out

In fall 2009, Macy’s Herald Square celebrated the most groundbreaking artists as part of FIAF’s Crossing the Line festival and Macy’s Art Under Glass, a seasonal art series taking place in the windows lining their legendary flagship store. The featured works were on display from September 8-27 2009, offering unprecedented exposure to burgeoning talent as FIAF’s Crossing the Line 2009 festival gets underway. The windows featured the work of: AIDS-3D, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir aka Shoplifter, Olivier Babin, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Marie Losier with Aya Kakeda and Francois Leloup Collet, Marie Maillard with Amelie Chabannes, Sarah Ortmeyer, Agathe Snow with Rita Ackerman, Visual System, Nick van Woert, and Michael L. Yinger. A collaborative celebration of culture and fashion, the Crossing the Line sidewalk art gallery spotlighted the contemporary works of vibrant and international artists, against a bold background of fall fashion featuring Macy’s new and exclusive Rachel Rachel Roy collection, among others. The exhibit was co-curated by Julie Boukobza, along with Crossing the Line’s Lili Chopra and Simon Dove. “A seductively HYBRID space, between white cubes and the streets of New York City, the windows for Macy’s ‘Art Under Glass’ tend to reflect the concerns of our times,” said co-curator Boukobza. “The show is populated with flags, iconic figures, Dodger’s quotes, a countdown clock, and Michael Jackson hands, showcasing Macy’s both as a landmark of the American dream and its own interrogation. The mostly New York City-based artists featured allow the public to take a step back from their daily routines.” “Macy’s offers artists unprecedented exposure, with over 7,000 people passing these legendary windows every hour,” said Lili Chopra, Artistic Director of FIAF. “These installations will certainly cause them to pause for thought,” added Simon Dove, Crossing the Line co-curator. “The works from Crossing the Line set a unique mood for this season’s fashions, and visually bring to life the cooperation and co-existence between art and fashion,” said Nicole Fischelis, GVP, Fashion Director of RTW for Macy’s. Adds Paul Olszewski, Director of Windows for Macy’s Herald Square, “Our windows not only display fashion trends but also take on new meaning when they are used as a public space for satellite exhibits.”

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